Who is Andrea Wallgren ? Know about her journey

Borin in 1963 Santiago de Chile. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

I paint almost exclusively on wood panels. I like to mix different materials during the painting process such as, oil, pencil, chalk, stains, charcoal, all that leaves traces behind. Trying out, daring, testing limits, overcoming.

1983 – 1985:
„Escuela del Pacífico“; graphic – design study; Santiago de Chile

1986 – 1990:
Alanus, Hochschule für musische und bildende Künste, Bonn; Painting. Degree: diploma

1995 -1997:
Studio in Heidelberg

1997 – 2000:
Freelance artist in Cottbus.

2001 – 2005:
Freie Kunstakademie Mannheim (FKM). Degree: diploma

Moving to Berlin. Studio in the Gerichtshöfe (Wedding)

Since 2013
organization, implementation and member of the jury for the open call “Gästeetage” in the Gerichtshöfe (Wedding) together with Eva Sörensen