Colour, space and the human being are the focus of my work.

My painting is about the relationship to each other, be it political, historical, or social. Basically, it doesn’t matter what the relationship is, they all have one thing in common: they are all based on relationships. 

Relationships are organic, alive, constantly changing, inescapable, dissolving, imprecise, and indefinable. Everyone is constantly in flux, in motion. 

How do we relate to each other? Where are we standing? 

By mixing and superimposing different painting materials such as oil, chalk, stain, pencil, the figures are deliberately open, not formulated, only hinted at. On the one hand, I try to depict these networks through color and on the other hand through form. The eye leaps across the screen, searching for explanations, for connection, as to how the differently sized, interlocking figures behave. The complexity of the visible allows the viewer’s eyes to constantly wander around the picture’s surface. 
This painting process is a dynamic, intensive and profound process that seeks a permanent engagement with color, space and people.

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