Some of the fun facts about art that every artist should know

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.”

Whenever we think about any art pieces of art in general, we think of deep philosophical thoughts the artists have put in his artwork. But today, we are bringing forward the lighter aspect of art. The fun aspect of art!

Today, we’ll tell you some fun facts that you can tell your friends while hanging out, to enjoy some galore of having a different taste and we’re sure your conversation will be quite interesting. Getting to know some random fun art facts now and then, is the best part of attending the best fine art classes in Dehradun, as per our students.

So, why not our online friends get some insight too into our fine art classes?

Here are seven facts about art that we’re sure you haven’t heard of.

#1 –Art used to be an event in Olympics earlier.

Yes, Olympics was not all about marathons and javelins initially. The founder of the Olympics was a person who believed that a true Olympian is a talented artist and a sportsperson. Between 1912-1948 medals were given to people who presented art pieces of architecture, music, paintings, sculptures and literature.

#2 – Once an artist known as Willard Wigan inhaled his artwork.

Students at the best fine art classes in Dehradun were amused and confused at the same time after hearing this. You must be too!

This artist used to create micro-sculptures. His art pieces were so tiny that they had to be viewed with a microscope. To create those unique art pieces Wigan used to slow down his heartbeats and pulse. He inhaled ‘Alice’, of Alice from the wonderland and then remade it.

#3 –A street artist named Banksy stuck his artwork on the wall of Tate Modern Museum.

In 2003, his artwork ‘Crimewatch UK has ruined all of us’ was hung for few hours in one of the most famous museums. Isn’t it amusing?